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Auntie Hanady’s Campaign

Auntie Hanady’s story begins in Amman, Jordan in 2011. Auntie Hanady Loved cheesecakes and used to serve the yummiest cheesecake to her family and loved ones and that later inspired her to master the true meaning of American baked Cheesecake along with some Extra classic sweets such as SPORKITS, Muffins, English cakes and Cookies. Everyone loved her recipes so much that she and her husband decided to open a shop in Amman, Their shop quickly became the favorite spot among Amman’s sweets lovers and one of the most distinguished sweets shops in the whole country and a place where loved ones and customers can gather and enjoy a deliciously exciting experience while having their favorite flavor of Cheesecake, Cookies, Muffins, English Cakes or SPORKITS with their choice of ILLY Coffee in a stylish, contemporary design, coupled with an unbeatable warm ambiance.

Brandelicious is responsible of Auntie Hanady’s Marketing activities, Items and products photo shooting, Shop photo shooting, Website creation and support, printed materials, Indoor Artworks, Graphic design and social media engagement posts. our objectives are to create awareness of auntie Hanady’s brand and taking it to the next level in order to expand and pop up in new territories and countries.


Art Direction / Design — Anas A’abed
Web Development — IstanbulIT
Photography — Eyad Shamieh
Content Creator — Hazem Selawi
Account Supervisor — Ahmad A’abed

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